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AspDotNetStorefront vs Wix Ecommerce

For a lot of businesses, choosing an ecommerce platform to operate on is one of the last steps taken, and is given little thought. As a digital marketer, I believe that business owners should do a lot research on what ecommerce platform they decide to use and how to manage the software, because having the right platform can save your business lots of capital and labor hours.

With so many ecommerce platforms available on the market, how do you figure out which one is best for your ecommerce business? I will be discussing two of the more popular ecommerce platforms on the market, and telling you which one of these I believe is the best for your business.  

Throughout this blog post, I will be discussing the key differences and similarities between Wix and AspDotNetStorefront ecommerce platforms.

Wix is a well-known ecommerce platform because of the advertising dollars it spends on main stream media. The platform has multiple subscription options, based upon the quantity and sales driving power of the features.

AspDotNetStorefront is a less well-known platform, because it of it does not appear as often in mainstream media. The platform is offered at a single price subscription service or as a one-time payment package.

We will dive more into the pricing later, after discussing each software’s major features, tools, security, and customizability.



Customization is important to an online store because it can subconsciously assist in new customers in deciding whether to purchase from your website or not. Customization can also simple or difficult for new users, and deep or narrow for ecstatic and usability.

Wix has less customization options than AspDotNetStorefront and other competitors do, which makes it easier to master. Although, AspDotNetStorefront’s customization is so much deeper than the depth of Wix, the downside is that it may be more difficult to master.



The difference in security between the two platforms is that Wix is a PCI compliant platform, while AspDotNetStorefront is a PCI certified platform.

The difference between PCI certified and PCI compliant is not too hard to understand. PCI compliant means that the website platform has not officially passed the test saying that the platform is certified against hackers and fraudulent online activity, while PCI certified websites have passed the official test.

Since AspDotNetStorefront is PCI Certified, it better guarantees better protection for your business and your customers from illegal online activity, than the PCI compliant Wix.


Features and Tools         

The features and tools available on ecommerce platforms are incredibly important to the success of your ecommerce business. In order to maximize revenue, while also doing less tedious work, then it’s necessary for you to utilize the right functions, on the right ecommerce platform, for your needs.

Both platforms have numerous applications available. Wix utilizes an app market that allows 3rd party developers to sell their applications, while AspDotNetStorefront does not encourage 3rd party vendors to create applications for their platform; however, there are 3rd party vendors that create applications for AspDotNetStorefront, such as equaTEK.

Both ecommerce platforms allow multi-channel selling capabilities. AspDotNetStorefront allows users to sell products on Amazon, Google Shopping, and Shopzilla. Wix allows certain users to sell products on Facebook and Instagram.

Both platforms also have excellent SEO tools. SEO tools are very important to help grow your business’s online footprint. If you do not have good SEO tools then it is less likely that people will find your online store during internet searches.

A neat benefit provided by Wix is a real-time shipping calculator for purchases. On the other hand, AspDotNetStorefront allows your website to incorporate PayPal payments system. Both features are beneficial, but only come with the mentioned platforms unfortunately.

AspDotNetStorefront allows users to send an almost unlimited amount of marketing and campaign emails, while Wix limits users on sending marketing and campaign emails based on the plan they are paying for.

In terms of product management tools, AspDotNetStorefront includes multistore tracking, inventory tracking, return management, catalog management, order management, and even customer accounts.

While Wix does include some of these features, many find that Wix’s are not nearly as capable as AspDotNetStorefront’s.

I have only mentioned the major features of each ecommerce platform, but the smaller features matter too, and both platforms provide all of the same basic features as their major competitors. Now that you know some of the major parts of the platforms you probably want to know how much each will cost you.



The pricing options for Wix ecommerce are: $23/month for all basic features$27/month for all basic features and SEO related tools$49/month for all basic features, SEO related tools, and 10 email marketing tools $500/month for end to end enterprise solutionsAny additional features and applications vary on price.


For AspDotNetStorefront the pricing structure is: $180/month for full access, or a $5,500 one-time payment for the most up to date version with overhaul updates sometimes costing an additional fee. Applications in AspDotNetStorefront also vary in price.


Which Should You Use?

Since the facts have been laid out, which platform is best for your ecommerce business?

For a business just starting out or a young business, Wix should be the platform you’re using. You are likely somebody who needs something low cost, and simple to maintain.

For those looking to grow their business or looking to build a second generation or higher website, then AspDotNetStorefront is the software you need to be using. The tools, features, and customization will allow your website to be impactful in engaging with new and returning customers.

As previously mentioned AspDotNetStorefront can be a complex platform, even for people who have built a website on a platform like Wix. To ensure that you’re not abusing your precious time, energy, resources, and capital on learning how to design the perfect ecommerce website with AspDotNetStorefront, we recommend you contact us. At equaTEK, Inc. we have been building ecommerce websites for businesses for almost two decades, and can assist to you in growing your business with our knowledge and experience in web design, ecommerce, and digital marketing.

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