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Making the Ordinary... Extraordinary!

An Ancient Concept

Alchemy is a term that you may not be familiar with - you might not have even heard it used before. It's an old term which, by Webster's definition, is simply the precursor to modern day chemistry. In those days long ago, Alchemists were busy attempting to turn ordinary metals into gold or to find success in creating the "elixir" of life.  A more interesting perspective is offered in that alchemy tends to reflect underlying philosophical preconceptions.

Thinking that is "Outside the box"

For the Alchemists to truly embrace the hope of achieving their objectives, they needed to think outside any preconceived boundaries imposed by cultural or intellectual norms.  Such open mindedness allowed them to explore and question everything they encountered in the quest to bring their objectives to reality. Ultimately, the accomplishments of the Alchemists were not the results they anticipated for today we know that gold can not be man-made.  Yet even without the gold, the results of the Alchemists were of a greater magnitude than they could have ever imagined!

Building the Foundation of equaTEK

In many ways, the Alchemists were explorers, daring to stray beyond the limitations of their knowledge to discover the unknown.  As we began the quest of developing equaTEK and contemplated the philosophical aspects of our identity, we quickly embraced the conceptual elements that Alchemy embodies - believing that following predefined thought patterns, or a stringent process - limits possibilities. That's not to say a "que sera, sera" mentality exists but certainly operating without the restriction of artificial walls, unshackles the opportunity for success.  So whether we're focused on discerning the future of equaTEK or examining the depths of the interactions of a client's operations - our focus is one in the same - discover the obscure, observe the obvious and unleash the possibilities.

What the term 'Alchemy' means to us...

Commitment to our Clients

When we engage a new client, our objective is to become intimately aware of their corporate culture and to gain an in-depth understanding of the personal characteristics of the individuals in leadership.  By understanding these aspects, in conjunction with their defined professional goals and objectives, we begin to gain an objective perspective that defines where they are today, and of equal importance, how they got there.  Only then, are we able to design a strategic technical solution that will assist our clients in developing their goals and objectives into reality.

Extraordinary Results

The blending of two fundamental business elements - financial business management and technology - into a single business entity may appear to be a philosophical dichotomy, finance being traditional, technology cutting edge.  However, today's economy is by its nature, re-writing the rules and forcing the marriage of these two disciplines. equaTEK, through the leadership of its founding partners, is positioned to bring this philosophical character to life in the delivery of our work.