Inventory Management System for Global Health Products, Inc.

Global Health Products, Inc. is a Rochester, NY based company that manufactures and distributes medical supplies to healthcare facilities across the U.S. A companion software product, QuickRounds®was developed (and subsequently patented) by Global in 2006.


Global Health began working with equaTEK Interactive in 2009 when the decision was made to convert their proprietary QuickRounds® desktop application to a web-based offering. Originally, QuickRounds® was designed for use in wound care management and product procurement.  Now, the web-based offering has been developed to retain general patient information and additionally support urinary, tracheotomy, ostomy, and tube feeding conditions. Once “condition specific” questions are answered, all dressings and medical supplies are delivered directly to the facility.


Global Health needed an application that would provide the following:

  • The ease and functionality of the desktop application but within a web-based, hosted  environment
  • Flexibility, so enhancements and upgrades could be “pushed” to all locations simultaneously
  • Connectivity to other software systems available to the long term care marketplace
  • Secure HTTP functionality (HTTPS)
  • “User-friendly” set-up and simultaneous user sessions

equaTEK software engineers redesigned QuickRounds® allowing it to be available via commonly available browsers. Installation was as simple as a secure user login and password allowing for practically no installation time and minimal training.


With the online application, Global Health has been able to grow the number of clients and services it can provide. Within skilled nursing facilities, fewer human errors are made because of this advanced system while less time is spent preparing reports, tracking patients, and ordering supplies. Additionally, these facilities can save tremendous amounts of money with fewer overstocked supplies, less stolen inventory, and minimal documentation time.

New and expanding customers are able to utilize QuickRounds® immediately realizing cost saving benefits the day it is first used! Most recently, equaTEK has integrated the MDS (Minimum Data Set), the U.S. federally mandated process for clinical assessment.


TESTIMONIAL from Chris Shalvoy, Director of IT at Global Health Products, Inc.

"equaTEK Interactive is truly a partner of Global Health Products, Inc. equaTEK and its staff has provided us with a high quality application that has an outstanding performance rating. equaTEK and its employees are easy to work with, responsive, and continually committed to excellence. Their software engineers are experts in the field and were instrumental in getting the QuickRounds® application web ready within the time-frame required. Their development retained the user-friendly environment that our nurses and doctors have become accustomed to.  I highly recommend equaTEK Interactive for any online needs you may have."