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Custom Application

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Custom Application Development

We presume you’re here because you need functionality in a software application that you can’t find; or you have an application that does some, maybe even most, of what you need but doesn’t do it all; or you have a legacy application that has passed its usefulness and needs to be replaced.

There are valid reasons to create a custom application for your business - just as there are serious reasons that you should consider before embarking on this as your strategy.


Creating any thing that is custom - or "one-off" - can carry a significant price tag. This doesn't mean it isn't the right solution, it just means you need to have the budget. Contact us for a free consultation to design your management system, digital signage, application, or other custom software desires.


Are you creating a solution that fits your immediate requirements or can you be forward thinking so the application will continue to support you tomorrow? Setting the design foundation is critical to your long-term success.


Typically, things change and it's predictable that your application will reach a point that it no longer does everything you need. Since you know that up front, make a plan now to handle this. 

Technology Platform

Technology is constantly evolving and you must plan for change. With over 20 years in the marketplace, we believe that Microsoft .NET continues to be a leading technology platform to meet your needs today, and on which to build for your future.

Strategic Partner

Your business is a living organism that is in constant motion which means it is evolving and changing. That is likely a key factor as to why you are on this page today….so if you are going to engage a custom solution, you must partner with someone that knows how to create an application that will meet your requirements today and grow with you into tomorrow. That’s us!

It's Who We Are

Our core expertise is the development of custom software applications utilizing Microsoft’s .NET and MS SQL technologies and our history of working with a diverse population of clients affords us the experience needed to create a custom solution for you.

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started

How to choose a Vendor

Do you prefer a vendor that will work independently and then deliver a solution when it is complete. Or a vendor that engages you as a strategic partner, working together to develop and implement your solution?

Do you understand the cost of what you are asking for or want? There are many factors that influence your cost. Do some research and gain perspective before embarking on your journey.

Does the prospective vendor have the knowledge, experience and expertise needed to deliver your project?

The better you are able to identify and define what you want or need, the greater the success of your project will be.

This is Us

We're not new to the we know how to create the right solution for you.

We chose to work across industries rather than in a single vertical as we believe it gives us greater insight to deliver a better product.

We work best as a strategic partner. We believe you must be involved/invested in the project to ensure you get what you want and need. You likely know what you want - but do you know what you need? A strategic partner will help you discover/define both.

Our bill-rates are based on the value we bring (experience and ability) and are intended to be market competitive. 

There is always an element of uncertainty (or unknown) in every project. We strive to capture as many details as we can upfront and when a "gotcha" pops up, intend to be fair so we share in the cost of handling it. 

Bottom line: if you can relate to these ideologies, we should get started!

Know More

About Our Company

When evaluating and selecting an application development partner, we believe you should consider the experience of the team and the development methodology utilized.  While it’s important to verify that the organization has the knowledge and technical resources available to successfully engage your project, it’s also important to understand the ‘style’ or personality of the partner. Do they work with their client (you) as a strategic partner – or do they take your ideas and return with a finished product everyone hopes hits the mark?

At equaTEK, we have a team of software engineers who are individually strong in their technical expertise - and who embrace our corporate objective of actively listening to our client to "hear and understand" their issues and objectives.  In addition, we probe, asking key questions that often result in a clearer definition of the project scope - increasing the probability of a successful project and greater accuracy in both time and cost estimates. Once your solution has been deployed, equaTEK Interactive remains available to support and extend your web application. Supporting you after the launch, resolving any issues and participating in additional phases are some of the things that differentiate equaTEK and make us one of the premier web application development companies of choice.

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