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Websites designed for end-users, reflecting your personality.

You have lots of options for creating a website today. In fact, some ads contend you can have a website live in 15 minutes and customers beating down your door in 20. Wouldn't it be nice if it was really that simple!

Fact is, creating a website that actually works for you is a bit more complicated than those ads contend.

We work hard at learning and understanding your business goals and what your website must do to support them. We ask lots of questions (with strict confidentiality of course!) that make you think and to make sure we capture the information we need to create a successful website.

We are strategic and intentional in our website development process because we know that having a beautiful website just isn't enough.

Modern Design

Your website must reflect your personality - and be relevant to your visitor! We blend purposeful images and content to capture the attention of your visitor (if you're reading this, we've succeeded) and invite them to take action (read more, call, or contact you).  It's not's not science. It is strategic and intentional.

Loaded with Features

Our marketing websites are built with DNN (Dot Net Nuke), a Content Management System (CMS) that deliver incredible functionality while giving you administrative control - to your comfort level! You'll gain design flexibility with our Polo module overlay that works intimately with DNN. It's an amazing combination!

100% Responsive Layout

We only create responsive websites. Period.

The majority of your website visitors are likely using a smartphone or tablet so your website MUST respond to their device to assure they have a positive experience.

Keep Your Website Fresh

As your business grows and changes, your equaTEK designed website will grow and change right along with you! You'll be able to add pages, images and content (or we can do it for you) 24x7 from any computer with internet connectivity. 

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started

How to choose a Vendor

Do you prefer a vendor that will work independently and then deliver a solution when it is complete. Or a vendor that engages you as a strategic partner, working together to develop and implement your solution?

Do you understand the cost of what you are asking for or want? There are many factors that influence your cost. Do some research and gain perspective before embarking on your journey.

Does the prospective vendor have the knowledge, experience and expertise needed to deliver your project?

The better you are able to identify and define what you want or need, the greater the success of your project will be.

Training - it's included

Once your website is ready to be introduced to the world, we want (and strongly encourage)  you to continue to develop and expand your web presence. One way to do that is to expand the content on your website. 

Like anything new, there is a natural learning curve as you become accustomed to using the DNN Content Management System on which your website has been created. To help you find your comfort zone, we offer complimentary classes during which we teach the basics. You'll be able to add/manage content, upload/use images and even create new pages. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish with DNN and equaTEK!

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About Our Company

We build world-class websites for great companies like yours. Our goal is to help you build your business. We work hard to understand your goals and objectives through a comprehensive discovery phase.  From concept, to wireframes, to launch we work with you every step of the way to ensure your new website will meet the expanding needs of your company while using the latest web technology.

While our website design team is located at our office in East Rochester NY, our clients are literally located coast-to-coast. Our experience at working remotely provides us the confidence for knowing we can work with you - no matter where you are!

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