Website for JD Chapman

Plus, since their site used a standard template and had shared content, they were limited in the amount of control or influence they had over changes. Worst of all, their website presented ‘copied’ or duplicated content – the same content that appeared on multiple sites. If you think Google doesn’t like stale content, they hate copied content!

The folks at JD Chapman had ideas and they wanted to implement them. They understood the importance of being unique in a crowded industry. They knew that being current and relevant with changes in the industry and their marketplace was essential to their growth and sustainability. Yet, they were stuck in the ‘can’.

One of their team members attended an equaTEK University class cosponsored by the Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce and through the introduction, learned that there were options. Options that would allow them to take action on their plans and to bring them to reality…and the journey to their new, unique and handsome website began.

As we do with all of our projects, we began with our Discovery phase - learning about them, their personality, unique characteristics, goals and objectives. We asked questions…and then asked more questions. When we were satisfied with the information we had gathered, we began to design the website that represents JD Chapman Agency and all of its individuality.

We were excited to develop and launch a new website designed with the goals and objectives of JD Chapman at the forefront. It’s an attractive and functional site that is getting positive reviews from potential and existing clients alike. It’s a site that instead of being “ho-hum” now reflects the personality and character of the organization – something extremely important to the folks at JD Chapman Agency.

Recently, another conversation happened with Danielle. With a broad smile and unconstrained enthusiasm, she was telling me all about the most beautiful and unique website that a small insurance agency nestled in Canandaigua NY has now. All I could do was smile.

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