Financial Reconciliation System for Wegmans Pharmacy

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a privately held U.S. regional supermarket chain with close to 100 stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts. Wegmans is owned by the Wegmans family, and in 2014, had annual sales $7.4 billion. In August 2015, J.D. Power and Associates ranked Wegmans Pharmacy number one in the U.S. for customer satisfaction among supermarket pharmacies.

Wegmans, later, asked us to create an application would evaluate third-party billing records, to determine if billings correctly matched third-party reimbursements based on established reimbursement formulas and identify any transactions that varied from these parameters. 

Due to strict deadlines imposed by Medicare, the completion of the project within a narrow time frame was mandatory. Wegmans required that the application met the following parameters.

  • Creation of a GUI user interface
  • Development of a dynamic query system within defined parameters
  • Perform data analysis of a massive existing Informix database
  • Data mining to identify and report specific data based on output analysis requirements
  • Delivery within 30 days

For this project, we created a customized database application that would retrieve data from the existing Informix databased, and present it to the user in an “Microsoft Excel like” format. This format would then allow users to run 6-10 pre-defined queries with additional filters and sorting options and then export the results to Microsoft Excel. To meet Wegmans’s requirements, the application was primarily written in SQL and then ported to Informix to allow for development portability.

Wegmans was absolutely ecstatic about the success of the applications, that they have since reached out to us again to develop another custom application for them.