Website for Gray and Feldman

When you have had the pleasure of working with a client for 17 +/- years, you tend to get to know one another. And so it has been with the folks at Gray and Feldman (GFR).

We’ve helped them transition their website ( through a few iterations over those years, most recently revamping the entire site to emphasize the visitor experience while making the site mobile friendly (responsive). Great improvements….but something was still not working.

GFR is a traditional and mature law firm in many ways. The principals are experienced, knowledgeable and established professionals in the Rochester legal arena. Like many law firms, the yellow pages were the staple of their marketing activities – and one of their largest line item expenses! Yet, calls were continuously dwindling and fewer new clients were coming through the door. 

Frustrated, they began asking the common question ‘why isn’t our website working for us?” The frank answer was they were not continuing to invest in their website. It was sitting there ready to gain attention but there wasn’t anything being done to get any attention. That’s when, at our encouragement, they began to explore what digital marketing might do for them. You might imagine that they did need some convincing that this digital marketing ‘thing’ was worthy of their attention – it was that ‘traditional’ concept we had to overcome to convince them this was a good thing!

It turns out that George (attorney George Gray) likes to write and Roberta (attorney Roberta Feldman) likes to make presentations. They made structuring a plan so easy! All we had to do was set the direction and let them do what they already like doing!

Today, George writes and publishes his blog articles on their website whenever it’s convenient for him or when a hot topic needs to be written about. Roberta is comfortable in front of a camera so using a SmartPhone to create good quality videos is easy and cost effective. Since embarking on this journey, they have seen a significant increase in online inquiries that have resulted in new clients and an increase in revenues. Hum, that’s an ROI that anybody can deal with!

See the how we reimagined their website at

Testimonial from Roberta K. Feldman, Attorney at Law

I am an attorney with my own small firm.  Equatek has been helping us with our digital marketing for at least ten years.  From setting up the original website to keeping it updated and relevant, each team member has always listened to us and advised us with their expertise.  The website is our primary method of attracting and connecting with new and existing clients.  Equatek helped us to update the site when it was clear that most people were using mobile devices.  In terms of our impact and visits to the site, Equatek has informed us of how to stay on top!  We saw immediate responses to the blogs and videos that we posted.  When it came time to “refresh” the site, Ed and his team listened to me and helped to translate my vision of my firm to a site that is clean, personal and accessible.  Their approach to business is fair and transparent so that the prices are laid out and discussed with no surprises.  I am so pleased with Equatek and would highly recommend them!   

Roberta K. Feldman, Esq.