Website for Action Security

We moved into our new offices a few years ago and in that process, were introduced to the folks at Action Security. They had been providing security monitoring services in the building before our arrival and we decided it made sense to have them continue to provide that service.

When we first met our account representative, the normal small talk of getting to know one another led into the topic of what we do at equaTEK…and soon opinions and thoughts were being openly shared about the existing Action Security website. Keeping in mind that our account representative was responsible for sales, his perspective was the website could support his sales efforts better than it did while others at Action continued to be satisfied, even happy with the existing site.

It’s a conflicting dilemma we encounter frequently.

The sales perspective is the website needs to help them create leads that result in sales. Someone not directly involved in sales might look at the site and knowing to change it carries a cost, embraces it as still being relevant. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle.

The website did convey the details about Action Security. It expressed what they did and told the visitor where they were located and who they served…but it was outdated in its appearance…allowing the visitor to conclude that Action Security was outdated and therefore, not relevant. After all, just look at the jazzy advertising and websites the competitors have. Who wouldn’t be drawn to that?

So, our task was twofold: redesign the website and make it relevant for today’s online visitor while assuring the identity and traditions of a well-established and mature business were maintained. It was a tall order – create a web presence that attracts the prospective customer while helping them see the value (and priority) of engaging a company that is long on value, performance and customer service…and short on jazzy slogans and slick advertising campaigns.

We believe we accomplished this by replacing outdated graphics (blinking building lights in the Rochester skyline) with a sophisticated design that reflects both the location and modernizations that make a Rochester headquartered business relevant today.

Take a look for yourself – and then give Action Security a call to learn how doing business with a well-established Rochester based business will bring you peace of mind knowing your business or your home is securely protected.

Author’s Note: I was so impressed with the service we got at our corporate office that I replaced the national security company with whom I had engaged for over 26 years with Action Security at my home. The improvement in personalized service that I now receive assures me I made the right decision!

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