EquaTEK Interactive has extensive experience in working with large and small manufacturers as well as advanced technology created specifically as part of your Enterprise Process Management (EPM.) We assist manufactures in:

  • Maintaining detailed records on inventory in various locations
  • Billing multiple sellers daily
  • Coordinating shipping and billing to multiple locations with multiple variables
  • Selling and maintaining records for selling on consignment
  • Selling directly to end users, distributors, retailers, and more

We understand that manufacturing is a key element of our economic system and the monetary investment in machinery makes it difficult to keep up with fast-paced changes in each industry. equaTEK will study your unique business goals and create a plan for a custom website or software application that aims to speed up your processes and lower your costs. Our business, programming, and digital marketing experts work together to provide you with extraordinary solutions.

As an example of our work, equaTEK Interactive provided the manufacturer - Global Health - with a custom web-based wound management application with formulary supply ordering for nursing facilities based on prescribed treatment plans. We also provided the manufacturer - Impulse Guide - with a complete digital signage management solution. This is a multi-client system to manage screens, menu boards, wayfinders, or information boards for any location in the U.S. With both of these clients,  their software application is growing as their business grows and changes.

Working with your team, we will provide you with a Custom Solutions Analysis that will take your business goals, resources, and time line and create a solution that will result in improved operations.