Service Providers

EquaTEK Interactive is highly experienced in partnering with service providers to increase sales leads, enhance their images and brands, and add efficiencies and money-saving applications to their organization. 

Increasing Sales and Sales Leads 
Portraying a service provider’s business on the Internet is not always straight forward given that so many services are intangible and multi-faceted. EquaTEK’s marketing department is keenly aware of the need to identify the proper audience(s), identify key services and messaging, and provide a user-friendly website or application that creates a professional portal to your business.

Enhancing Image and Brand 
We always focus on enhancing your image with exceptional messaging, targeted compelling images, and a public presence that lets the world know that you are a productive and active business. Our unique “equaTEK Process” allows us to discover your goals and objectives – short term and long term. Once we understand more about your business, leadership, and goals, we can provide you with powerful recommendations to assist in propelling your business in the direction you need and want. We will assist you with Internet websites, online marketing, and web-based applications.

Add Efficiencies and Money-Saving Applications
We provide service companies with a variety of web-based applications that save the business time and money. Our software applications are powerful tools that are customize to your specific needs and can organize your business in surprising ways. We have built applications for the smallest to the largest U.S. businesses, and we are known for solutions that are user-friendly and remarkably reliable.

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