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eCommerce: Selling online is tough, competitive and rewarding

If you have an eCommerce store, you already know this. If you're thinking about creating one, you need to embrace this.

We tell our clients the only difference between traditional retail and eCommerce retail is the building and the customer. Beyond that, everything else is the same! You must make an investment; you must advertise; you must deal with problems and difficult customers....and you must have tenacity (nerves of steel helps too!). 

Putting in the right foundation is a critical starting place. That's where we come in. We know - and understand - eCommerce. We will guide you in selecting the right storefront (there are thousands), configuring your product data for presentation, and making sure that you are compliant with PCI regulations to provide you and your customer with as much protection as is available today.

Designed to Sell

The #1 priority is making sure your visitor (customer) finds what they are looking for quickly. If they have to work too hard, they'll buy somewhere else. Designing your navigation structure is essential and needs to be done well the first time. That's where our experience matters!

Select the Right Storefront

There are thousands of eCommerce storefront applications available today - so how do you know which is right for you? One way is to partner with us and we will help in that selection. 

We prefer to use aspdotnetstorefront by Vortx as it is PCI Certified which gives you maximum cyber security protection. Making sales is important but protecting your customer data is critical!

100% Responsive Layout

We only create responsive websites. Period.

The majority of your website visitors are likely using a smartphone or tablet so your website MUST respond to their device to assure they have a positive experience.

Keep Your Website Fresh

As your business grows and changes, your equaTEK designed website will grow and change right along with you! You'll be able to add products, images and content (or we can do it for you) 24x7 from any computer with internet connectivity.

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started

How to choose a Vendor

Do you prefer a vendor that will work independently and then deliver a solution when it is complete. Or a vendor that engages you as a strategic partner, working together to develop and implement your solution?

Do you understand the cost of what you are asking for or want? There are many factors that influence your cost. Do some research and gain perspective before embarking on your journey.

Does the prospective vendor have the knowledge, experience and expertise needed to deliver your project?

The better you are able to identify and define what you want or need, the greater the success of your project will be.

This is Us

We're not new to the we know how to create the right solution for you.

We chose to work across industries rather than in a single vertical as we believe it gives us greater insight to deliver a better product.

We work best as a strategic partner. We believe you must be involved/invested in the project to ensure you get what you want and need. You likely know what you want - but do you know what you need? A strategic partner will help you discover/define both.

Our bill-rates are based on the value we bring (experience and ability) and are intended to be market competitive. 

There is always an element of uncertainty (or unknown) in every project. We strive to capture as many details as we can upfront and when a "gotcha" pops up, intend to be fair so we share in the cost of handling it. 

Bottom line: if you can relate to these ideologies, we should get started!

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About Our Company

When we say we understand eCommerce, it's more than a cliche` or catchy phrase. A few years ago, we developed a proprietary online eCommerce shopping mall where local businesses could sell their products online. Through that experience, we learned how to do eCommerce from the inside out!

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