Virtual Office for BeckAg

Beck Ag contacted equaTEK Interactive to redevelop Beck Ag’s virtual office platform. The custom software enables Beck Ag’s services and operations to run smoothly among multiple users such as sales professionals, industry experts, and agricultural participants. Over the years, equaTEK has developed, refined, and extended Beck Ag’s virtual office and continues to do so.

The software's major components include:

  • Virtual Office Collaboration Portal
  • Web Dashboard with Project Metrics
  • SMS Messaging to Sales Representatives
  • Platform Integration with Social Community

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Order and Shipping Processing for Cedar Graphics and Shutterfly

The opportunity arose for Cedar Graphics to become a fulfillment partner for Shutterfly. However, in order to become this partner, Cedar Graphics, was required to be able to automatically receive orders generated from Shutterfly’s website and immediately process the orders.

equaTEK Interactive developed a custom multi-process solution using a web-handler, Microsoft Queueing, SQL Server database, and WCF for inter-process communication that could easily scale simply be adding additional machines with the processing application installed.  Each retriever would registered with the main controller and the controller would task each registered retriever with jobs to perform.

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Bridging Ordering and Shipping for

equaTEK’s software engineers developed the ShipWorks Connector, a software bridge to connect AspDotNetStorefront to ShipWorks. ShipWorks enables two-way synchronization of order details between online storefronts and shipping providers. 

ShipWorks is connected to all of the major shipping carriers and can process every type of shipping service available from ground freight to air express. This makes it fast and easy to retrieve shipping rates and print labels. 

When order processing is complete, ShipWorks automatically and immediately uploads order status and tracking information back into the storefront so that buyers and store owners can track packages. The software also enables easy processing of return packages.

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Financial Reconciliation System for Wegmans Pharmacy

Wegmans asked us to create an application would evaluate third-party billing records, to determine if billings correctly matched third-party reimbursements based on established reimbursement formulas and identify any transactions that varied from these parameters. 

Wegmans required that the application met the following parameters.

  • Creation of a GUI user interface
  • Development of a dynamic query system within defined parameters
  • Perform data analysis of a massive existing Informix database
  • Data mining to identify and report specific data based on output analysis requirements
  • Delivery within 30 days

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Inventory Management System for Global Health Products, Inc.

Global Health began working with equaTEK Interactive in 2009 when the decision was made to convert their proprietary QuickRounds® desktop application to a web-based offering. The new web-based offering has been developed to retain general patient information and additionally support urinary, tracheotomy, ostomy, and tube feeding conditions. 

Global Health needed an application that would provide the following:

  • The ease and functionality of the desktop application but within a web-based, hosted  environment
  • Flexibility, so enhancements and upgrades could be “pushed” to all locations simultaneously
  • Connectivity to other software systems available to the long term care marketplace
  • Secure HTTP functionality (HTTPS)
  • “User-friendly” set-up and simultaneous user sessions

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Transactional Data Warehouse System for Wegmans Pharmacy

Wegmans hired equaTEK to develop a prescription management system that tracked and retained prescription history - from creation, to fill, to submittal to the insurance companies, to payment receipt, to reconciliation.

Many additional applications were then built-off of this transaction data to add enhanced services to the pharmacy department; 

  • signature capture
  • central fill processing
  • drug catalog updates
  • label reprints
  • improved will-call processing and management

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