The transportation industry is filled with major expenses including those in manufacturing, infrastructure, and operations.  EquaTEK works to lower your costs with our custom software applications – created to analyze and react on a moment’s notice.  Our custom software solutions collect and analyze railroad conditions as the train moves across the country – providing valuable data to predict equipment failure or improve productivity.  Our custom applications keep communication in automobile assembly plants running smoothly.  

We work with transportation manufacturers and service providers to:

  • Speed up the manufacturing processes
  • Increase accuracy when running operations
  • Allow communication between distributors and manufacturers

EquaTEK Interactive designs and develops high quality websites for businesses in the transportation industry.  Once new sites are launched, we provide expert maintenance and digital marketing on an ongoing basis.  EquaTEK works with businesses to develop 12 month digital marketing plans that include 12 month content development, an ongoing increase in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and strategic widening of the transportation business' presence on the Internet while consistently working to increase domain authority. We provide quality websites that are reliable and user-friendly.

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