Our Integrity Statement

equaTEK is built upon the belief that the Integrity of our company is demonstrated through the character of each individual representing it. It is true that the world in which we operate continues to change with dynamic speed and people sometimes loose site of their priorities.  Despite all these changes, one thing which we hold as constant is that integrity remains our core value.  Thus, equaTEK Interactive’s quest for competitive excellence begins and ends with our commitment to lawful and ethical conduct.

Each person associated with equaTEK is expected to make a personal commitment to follow our Standards for Integrity.  Guiding us in upholding our ethical commitment is a set of equaTEK policies on key integrity issues.  All equaTEK employees must comply not only with the letter of these policies but also their spirit.

Nothing – not profit, competitiveness or direct orders from a superior – should ever compromise our commitment to integrity.  Concerns about appropriate conduct must be promptly addressed with care and respect.  In this vein, all questionable conduct will be reviewed and appropriate corrective actions implemented. 

The leaders of equaTEK Interactive have the additional responsibility of fostering a culture in which compliance with equaTEK policy and applicable law is at the core of our business activities.  It is our commitment to lead by example, to hold one another accountable to ethical principals and behavior, and to guide an organization “set apart” from the ordinary.  We make this commitment to one another, and we make this commitment to you, our valued employee and client.  

David B. Madison Edward A. Hanchett
President Executive Vice President