Register & Self-Manage Your Domain

Managing a Domain Account and your organization's domains should be simple.  It is - but it easily gets complicated.

When a domain is registered for the first time, a User ID and password must be created to establish the Domain Account. Following that, a registration period must be selected.  This is defined by the number of years you want to "purchase" the domain.  There are a few technical oriented questions you need to respond to and some contact data to enter...then once you've paid for your registration, you're done!  Easy enough - until something changes - or needs to be changed.

Since domain names are often registered for some time period into the future, retaining and remembering the Account's User ID and password for future reference is critical.  With so many accounts to manage, it's easy to forget the ID and password that was used when the Account was created.  And with staff changes, often the person who created the Account is no longer with your company - and neither is the ID and password!

With equaTEK's Domain Management Service, we handle the details for you.  You won't have to worry about User ID's, passwords or trying to understand the technicalities of domains or URL's.  And since we are an authorized reseller for Wild West Domains, an accredited Registrar by ICANN, you have complete assurance that your domains are secure.

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If you would like to self-register and manage a new domain or see if one is available for purchase, click here.

equaTEK's Domain Management Service

  • We will register or renew requested domains (based on availability) listing YOU as the domain "owner" (registrant). Other domain management service providers may list themselves as the registrant - giving them legal control over your domain!
  • We will direct the transfer of your existing domain(s) from other registrar organizations, if required. Additional fees may be applicable. 
  • We will manage the Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts by authorized equaTEK personnel.
  • We will manage the "Domain Name Server" data.
  • We will manage domain "Forwarding" - as required.
  • We will maintain the Automatic renewal* of your domain(s) for one year terms.

An annual subscription fee of $25.00 is applicable for this service.  Normal domain registration and renewal fees are applicable and are in addition to the subscription fee.

You are required to provide 30 days written advance notice prior to the domain renewal date if you desire to cancel or discontinue the registration of any domain.  Failure to do so will result in the assessment of all applicable registration and renewal fees.

For more information or to engage our Domain Management Services, contact us today!


equaTEK Interactive, Inc. is an authorized re-seller for GoDaddy (formerly Wild West Domains).


Ever wonder how domain names are managed to allow the Internet to actually operate? Visit ICANN (Internet Corporate for Assigned Names and Numbers), the non-profit organization established for this purpose.