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Digital Marketing - the art of getting found online

Are you hiding online?

Many people believe the myth that once you have an incredible website that your work is done. Rather, that is just the beginning and it’s where the real work starts. In short, you have to figure out how to be discovered – online!

What complicates this even more is that you have two audiences you need to engage and their requirements are very distinct.

Obviously, you want the human audience because they’re the ones that will potentially spend money with you. But you also have to engage the technical, or search engine audience because they will lead the human audience to you.

Where do you focus first? Well, that’s the chicken and the egg dilemma.  

Let’s talk and figure out what’s for dinner – fried chicken or scrambled eggs!

An Inviting Website

You can have the most informative ever created - but if it doesn't say "Welcome, come in" to your visitor, they won't stay long enough to discover what you're offering. Before you spend a dime on digital marketing, make sure your website is ready to work for you.

Content is King

Sure, content is important to human visitors, but to a search engine, content is everything. Whether it's Google, Bing, Yaho or any of the other search engines, they will "index" the content on your website and determine its relevancy to their users. 

Are you Relevant

Perhaps you're a subject matter expert and can speak for hours on your expertise but the content you put online, whether through your website or social media, must be relevant to your prospective audience. That doesn't mean you have to 'dumb down' what you say - but you must say it in a way that your audience hears it.

Marketing can be Expensive

Yes, it can be. However, there are lots of factors that determine how much you will spend on digital marketing and we will help you figure that out. The good news is that digital marketing is more flexible and measurable than traditional marketing. 

Where is your online foundation?

Your website is the foundation for your digital marketing strategy.  Digital Marketing always begins with a sound understanding of your website goals and objectives, your audience, your customer profiles and your core offering - and even your competitions.  A plan should be developed to improve upon your current website, if necessary, and to build strategic landing pages. We will develop a digital marketing strategy that is custom tailored to your business, your needs and will grow with you over time.

How does equaTEK drive your potential customers to your website? With your input all along the way, our marketing experts will use the equaTEK Process:     

            STEP 1: Study your business and your industry to identify goals

            STEP 2: Develop a custom marketing plan for your business

            STEP 3: Execute the plan and adjust when needed

            STEP 4: Repeat this plan over and over

Whether you call it online marketing, digital marketing, or internet marketing, equaTEK Interactive can help.  Contact us today to get started with a comprehensive Digital Marketing Assessment.

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EquaTEK’s digital marketing experts assist you with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Email Marketing Programs
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Campaign Landing Page Development
  • Videos
  • Images and Infographics
  • PDFs
  • Audio Sound Bites

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When evaluating and selecting an application development partner, we believe you should consider the experience of the team and the development methodology utilized.  While it’s important to verify that the organization has the knowledge and technical resources available to successfully engage your project, it’s also important to understand the ‘style’ or personality of the partner. Do they work with their client (you) as a strategic partner – or do they take your ideas and return with a finished product everyone hopes hits the mark?

At equaTEK, we have a team of software engineers who are individually strong in their technical expertise - and who embrace our corporate objective of actively listening to our client to "hear and understand" their issues and objectives.  In addition, we probe, asking key questions that often result in a clearer definition of the project scope - increasing the probability of a successful project and greater accuracy in both time and cost estimates. Once your solution has been deployed, equaTEK Interactive remains available to support and extend your web application. Supporting you after the launch, resolving any issues and participating in additional phases are some of the things that differentiate equaTEK and make us one of the premier web application development companies of choice.

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