Retail and eCommerce businesses have unique needs.  Retail stores now include elaborate supermarkets that sell food, household goods, and school supplies – all marketed in different ways. EquaTEK has the marketing experts to best advise you on:

  • marketing to multiple audiences
  • reselling good from multiple manufacturers
  • setting-up your website to increase Contact Us forms and sales
  • increasing your reach within your local, regional, national, or international territories

eCommerce sites can be set up for service providers with a variety of manufactured products within your industry to expand your offering. A large number of websites offer products found in a variety manufacturers’ catalogs that are updated by the manufacturer as well as shipped by the manufacturer. EquaTEK can provide an eCommerce website that is easy to update when adding new products, pricing, or product descriptions. We provide a checkout system that requires fewer steps and fewer windows than many sites use today. We will find an store front that is best for your products and industry needs.

Retails sites that do not include a checkout rely on viewers filling out Contact Us forms and making phone calls to the store owner. equaTEK Interactive builds those sites to increase viewers contacting owners through user-friendly set-up, simple page structure, key placement of Contact Us buttons, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) Scholar's Choice is an example of an equaTEK created website that doesn't have a checkout but successfully communicates with its viewers.

EquaTEK is prepared to get you on board with your retail and eCommerce website needs. We have several eCommerce solutions including catalog solutions mentioned above.  We can link your checkout to an excellent shipping program that will calculate shipping via a variety of services.  We provide custom programming to link your eCommerce site to custom applications that take into account box size and weight.  We help you move your products more quickly and with great accuracy.

Please let us know how we can assist your retail or eCommerce business.