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Today's Quote: Desmond Tuto

"Without forgiveness, there's no future." -- Desmond Tuto

Bitterness....hatred....anger. These are emotions that burn deep and if allowed, they burn long. 

Carrying the weight of an unforgiving heart will eventually do us more harm than the one we will not forgive. We must learn to forgive those that have wronged us - even if we do not forget. 

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(DotNetNuke) DNN vs WordPress

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Are all Content Management Systems created equal? They are similar but in general, we think NO, they are not equal.

I am inspired to write about trust

I am inspired to write about trust Read more

I am inspired to write about trust. It’s an interesting word and concept and yet is likely misunderstood and misinterpreted on a regular basis. I suspect it is something we tend to take for granted as well until it is lost.