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About equaTEK Interactive

EquaTEK Interactive is an Internet Solutions Provider located in Rochester, NY.

Started in 2003 by co-owners Ed Hanchett and Dave Madison, equaTEK's clients are now spread all over the United States. 

Our service offerings include: Web design and development on our Interport Content Management System (CMS), E-commerce storefronts, Custom web application development, Web hosting, Digital/internet marketing, Social media strategy and content development, Email marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO)  

Using the latest technologies, we work closely with you to identify your needs or wants, and provide a comprehensive, integrated solution to your web development, application, and marketing needs.

Trust. Integrity. Partnership.

Not necessarily the first words that may come to mind when you describe a technology company, but at EquaTEK, these principles form the foundation of our business. When we engage a client, we make the commitment to them to be forthright in our dealings, and we expect the same in return. That means when we say we strive to do what is in the best interests of our clients, we mean it. Honest and direct communication is our hallmark. It leads directly to solutions that work. 

What's more, we may not always tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you need to hear to help move your online business forward.

We Know Business.

Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to a sector of the US Department of Defense - and every profile in between. That diversity has given the equaTEK team experience in understanding the unique needs of each organization, regardless of size. As a result, we have a proven track record of development, ranging from websites to comprehensive enterprise business solutions. We have the expertise to give you a solution that fits the size and scope of your needs – and your budget.

equaTEK News

equaTEK Interactive Launches New Mobile App for Rochester St. Patrick’s Day Parade

equaTEK Educates Local Businesses with Online Marketing Seminars
Beginning September 29th, equaTEK Interactive will be conducting seminars to help business owners and marketers improve their online business. equaTEK has open enrollment seminars at their East Rochester location or will schedule seminars with organizations at their preferred location.  Most classes start at 7:30 AM, end at 9:00 AM, and include a light breakfast. Pre-registration is required and the seminar fee is kept low.

Upcoming Events

Current Openings

Join our team!  We currently have the following openings:

.Net Software Engineer

Visit our Careers page to learn more.

Proud Member of the following organizations:

      Member of Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce    Brighton Chamber of Commerce
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