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Sue Mayo-Smith, Relationship ManagerSue Mayo-Smith is the newest hire at equaTEK Interactive, a custom website design and .NET software development company in Rochester, NY. Her title, Relationship Manager, suits her well and is proving to be an immediate asset to the company. 

As Relationship Manager, Mayo-Smith will be working with current and potential clients learning about their individual companies and unique needs related to their websites, online marketing and applications. “Our goal is to spend time with potential and new clients seeing if we can work together and help each other,” states Ed Hanchett, equaTEK’s vice president. “Sue has quickly and easily built relationships with our clients with her relaxed and honest approach.”

In today's competitive world, business owners are accustom to fighting with those who are trying to take advantage of them or make a buck at their expense. "My job is to build a relationship with owners and learn about their unique business," Mayo-Smith says. EquaTEK has made a commitment to honesty and integrity by investing money into following the golden rule. "Business owners detect the difference immediately. They recognize and respond to character traits like honesty, intelligence, respect, and helpfulness." 

EquaTEK owners, Dave Madison and Ed Hanchett have always run their business with high standards of integrity, and recently have put their money where their mouth is. "We have raised the bar even higher for our commitment to integrity. When hiring staff, we determine whether they can fit into our culture that is built on honesty and kindness," states Hanchett. "If they match our culture, we then look closely at their skills, talents, and achievements."  

Sue he has worked with small and mid size manufacturers, resellers and retailers across the U.S. increasing their sales through the Internet. 


About equaTEK Interactive

equaTEK designs, builds, and markets world-class websites, ecommerce store fronts, and custom software applications. Their work includes software-as-service (SAS) solutions and custom applications for government entities, educational institutions, health care organizations, and companies in the agriculture and rail transportation industries. equaTEK has designed and developed websites for hundreds of small to mid-size businesses across the U.S.

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