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Web Solutions Firm equaTEK Interactive presented their products and services to the community as one of the 25 high-tech companies taking part in Techno Expo 2014, hosted by the Victor Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, October 23.  The event, at Victor Central School District, is held annually to highlight the large number of tech companies that call the Victor area their home.  In addition, two cyber safety experts spoke to attendees about steps they can take to safeguard against future attacks. Big businesses like Target and Home Depot aren’t the only ones that can be hacked.  About 44 percent of small companies suffer from breaches too, according to a 2013 survey by the National Small Business Association. The resulting costs average $8,700, the survey said.


John Taylor, CIO at Finger Lakes Community College, said area business owners would do well to connect with a professional who can work with them on good cyber security practices.


About 100 people attended this year’s event.


About equaTEK Interactive:

equaTEK designs, builds, and markets world-class websites, ecommerce store fronts, and custom software applications. Their work includes software-as-service (SAS) solutions and custom applications for government entities, educational institutions, health care organizations, and companies in the agriculture and rail transportation industries. equaTEK has designed and developed websites for hundreds of small to mid-size businesses across the United States.

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