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Web solutions firm launches ecommerce storefront for locally owned manufacturer, providing complex shipping and order boxing solution spanning multiple warehouses.

(Victor, NY)  December 15, 2014 – equaTEK Interactive announced the launch of a new ecommerce portal for Kwik-Covers, a local manufacturer of fitted table covers, fitted garbage can covers, table skirts and other related products. launched as a replacement to their prior website which was a static html website.  This new portal took their existing look and feel, and turned it into an online ordering portal for their business clients.

equaTEK Interactive developed a custom solution for this ecommerce storefront, enabling the company to create some efficiencies in the order fulfillment and shipping processes.  Kwik-Covers ships orders from both east coast and west coast warehouses depending on the customers receiving address.  The new store front application leverages customized web technology to not only determine which warehouse an order will ship from, but also solved the problem of calculating how the order will be boxed based on the items ordered. is a B2B company, selling only to businesses and organizations in bulk quantities. 

“With the myriad of products sold and the rules of how the items can and cannot be fit into the same box, Kwik-Covers wanted the website to calculate the shipping cost as accurately as possible so that they were not overcharging their customers,” stated David Madison, President and Co-Founder of equaTEK Interactive.

This new order fulfillment module, developed by equaTEK Interactive, calculates the number of boxes and each box’s weight based on attributes set on each product in the catalog system.  It then interfaces with UPS to get real-time shipping quotes for each box and the total order.  The solution enables Kwik-covers to configure the weights, items per box and how items can be boxed through the catalog manager, allowing them to make quick changes to the storefront as the needs arise.

Until now, Kwik Covers was processing all their orders manually, primarily by telephone.  This new ecommerce storefront also integrates directly with QuickBooks using a “Cloud Cart Connector”.  This enabled the company to transition easily into web-based ordering for their customers without having to install and learn new software and eliminated manual order entry into their accounting system.

equaTEK is known for their custom web applications, and the new Kwik Covers ecommerce store front their latest example.


About equaTEK Interactive:

equaTEK designs, builds, and markets world-class websites, ecommerce store fronts, and custom software applications. Their work includes software-as-service (SAS) solutions and custom applications for government entities, educational institutions, health care organizations, and companies in the agriculture and rail transportation industries. equaTEK has designed and developed websites for hundreds of small to mid-size businesses across the U.S.

PR Contact:

Wendy Emerson, Director of Digital Marketing

(585) 924-8680 ext 206

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