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Customer Testimonials

Beck Ag

"We are truly a virtual company operating with team members physically based in individual locations throughout the country.  Finding a technical solutions partner that has the knowledge to create a unique cloud-based application while simultaneously learning our priorities, objectives and goals (as well as our personality) was both a requirement and a challenge.


Being introduced to equaTEK through a mutual contact, we began to explore the potential of working together in Q4 2008.  By February 2009, we were convinced that equaTEK had the technical expertise and the mindset of engaging us as a partner, not just a client.  Today, equaTEK continues to work with us in the development and expansion of our custom technical application upon which our entire business operates.  Not only is equaTEK our partner, committed to our success, but they are our ally, trusted with knowing everything about us they need to be able to give us their best.


We are constantly exploring our future and striving to embrace new opportunities that require flexibility in how we operate.  With equaTEK as our partner, our application is able to keep pace with our expectations and allows us to excel.  We take relationships seriously and know that equaTEK is a trusted partner committed to our success."

Stephanie Liska

Scholar's Choice

"The people at equaTEK Interactive took our ideas, dreams, and needs for a new website and crafted a beautiful site that exceeded expectations. They worked hard to know us and our business. The choices of colors, page design, internal organization, and page presentation clearly reflect who we are - the site has personality. From day one we’ve been proud to send potential customers to our site. equaTEK Interactive provided the expert knowledge and creativity we needed to translate our wishes into a pleasing and functional site. Once online they’ve been most helpful in tweaking functions to better meet the needs of our clients. Overall a great experience."

Tom Prins



Kwik-Covers eCommerce

"We're approaching one year since the launch of our new Kwik-Cover web-site from equaTEK, and it's been a great success for us to date. It's working great and has met or exceeded our expectations!  I believe that 50% or more of our orders are coming in through the new shopping cart on our web-site. The people at equaTEK support us in being more successful with our eCommerce website and Internet marketing."

Bernie Puglisi


Simply Crepes

Simply Crepes Website

“equaTEK Interactive provided us a well-built professional website that is beautiful and classic, which is often complimented. We are pleased with the way our website functions because it loads quickly, runs smoothly and is easy to update. I highly recommend equaTEK as a website development company because they are very professional, solution oriented and quick to respond to our questions.”

Pierre Heroux

Global Health Products, Inc.


"equaTEK Interactive is truly a partner of Global Health Products, Inc. equaTEK and its staff have provided us with a high quality application that has an outstanding performance rating. equaTEK and its employees are easy to work with, responsive, and continually committed to excellence. Their software engineers are experts in the field and were instrumental in getting the QuickRounds
® application web ready within the time-frame required. Their development retained the user-friendly environment that our nurses and doctors have become accustomed to.  I highly recommend equaTEK Interactive for any online needs you may have."

Chris Shalvoy
Visit Global Health Products, Inc

Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce

Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce

"equaTEK Interactive has been part of our chamber since 2009, and I have personally worked with them for three events since 2014. Ed Hanchett, David Madison, Wendy Emerson, and Sue Mayo-Smith have gone out of their way to support the Canandaigua Chamber by participating in events and volunteering to present for Chamber University.

equaTEK is knowledgeable and helpful when presenting and receives many accolades from audience members. I have personally learned quite a bit about having a website on the Internet as well as SEO and Google Analytics from the members of equaTEK. I would confidently refer equaTEK to anyone who needs support for their website or online marketing."

Elisha Everson
Visit Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce
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