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Coming Soon - Online 2015 Event for Health Care Marketers

Posted on 4/10/2015 by in chaos marketing Online 2015 Health Care Marketing Stop the Insanity

Stop the Insanity of Chaos Marketing! Attention Health Care marketers! equaTEK is bringing back their online marketing series, with the first event focusing on digital marketing for health care.

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Whacky Wednesday: April Fool's Google Pranks

Posted on 4/1/2015 by

It is indeed April 1st, 2015 and across the web there are online jokes a plenty! We've picked a few we like best to share with you on this edition of Whacky Wednesday.

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Whacky Wednesday - Best Selfie Ever

Posted on 3/18/2015 by in best selfie ever flickr image hosting image sharing

You may have missed this one back in December of 2014. Photographer Timothy LaBranche has a few moments to himself inside an Embraer 190 and he certainly made the most of it with the world's best selfie. Check it out.

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Amazon Smile: Simple Online Fundraising for Non-Profits

Posted on 3/11/2015 by in Amazon Smile Online Fundraising Embrace Your Sisters Marketing for Non-Profits

Did you know if you are a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency you can register with to raise funds for your organization? Amazon Smile is a great way to augment your fundraising by promoting your organization's participation to your supporters. Amazon donates a percentage of your purchases to your agency of choice, and you can shop the same great prices!

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Website Field of Dreams: If You Build It They Will Come... FALSE!

Posted on 3/2/2015 by in digital marketing content marketing content strategy seo search engine optimization internet marketing

The transition of a website from “build” to “marketing” is always an interesting one. Very rarely does a new website get launched that is full of keyterm rich content, unique and interesting content, and most importantly… relevant content. That is not to say it does not happen with much pulling teeth and dragging them along kicking by our clients. What is does mean, is that once their site is officially in “digital marketing” mode, our job is to help our clients “see the light” about the importance of adding new content to their website... all the time.

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Merrell: An Example of Outstanding Customer Service on Twitter

Posted on 2/11/2015 by in merrell customer service twitter best practices twitter customer service

If you intend to use Twitter as a channel to handle customer service as you represent your brand, be prepared to do it well. To really capture the attention of your customers, you must surprise and delight. Here's an example of how Merrell, a brand of outdoor apparel handled a recent customer issue shared via Twitter.

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Facebook Privacy Basics (January 2015): Part 3 - What You See

Posted on 2/10/2015 by in facebook privacy

In this three part series on Facebook Privacy Basics, we've shared with you how you can manage what others see about you, as well as how you allow others to interact with you. In this third and final installment in the series, we will look at your privacy settings to help you control what you see on Facebook.

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Facebook Privacy Basics (January 2015): Part 2 - How Others Can Interact with You

Posted on 2/3/2015 by in facebook privacy

In the first part of this 3-Part Series, we looked at what others can see about you on Facebook and how you can change your privacy settings to set some privacy boundaries. In this second part we will explore how others can interact with you, based on your Facebook privacy settings. In other words, these are the controls you can put in place that affect you and your Facebook content.

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equaTEK TV - Episode 5: 5 Reasons you should consider a Content Management System for your website.

Posted on 1/30/2015 by in equaTEK TV Wendy K Emerson SocialPMChick Interport CMS CMS Website

There are five solid reasons you should consider moving your website to a content management system or CMS. Regain control of your website and turn it into an agile tool that can evolve and grow with your business. Don't get held up waiting for a developer to modify your website when your competitors are always one step ahead of you. Listen in as Wendy gives you the five reasons you should consider a CMS platform like Interport CMS.

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Facebook Privacy Basics (January 2015): Part 1 - What Others Can See About You on Facebook

Posted on 1/27/2015 by in facebook privacy social media

Facebook rolled out privacy updates effective January 1, 2015. With that, users everywhere posted status updates disallowing the use of their photos and posts by making a declaration. Did that declaration really protect their posts? What else do you need to know about the latest Facebook updates? In Part One of this 3 Part Series we review what others can see about you on Facebook.

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