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Not-For-Profits are often limited in their assets and funding and reliant on volunteers.  At equaTEK, we appreciate your business structure and limitations and will work within your budgetary requirements to help you meet your goals.  We provide professional website marketing for your site as well as long term planning for your Internet presence.  We help you cut costs when spending is not necessary and move money to fund marketing services that will help your business grow.  

EquaTEK will research your not-for-profit business and industry to best understand your situation. We will inventory what you already have available to use on the Internet, and we will work with you to learn your business goals and objectives.  We will plan our approach and recommendations for your website or custom software. 

After completing our research and planning, we will work with you to create a custom website or custom software that meets your business goal and objectives. Upon launch, we will move into the ongoing maintenance and digital marketing phase that will provide you with a consistently growing Internet presence. We will work with you, consistently communicating throughout the build, to increase your authority on the Internet and strategically plan the appropriate marketing to reach your business goals.

Most importantly, we will work within your budget to keep you on track monetarily. 

Let us create a website or custom software to run your business and increase your communication. Please let us know how we can assist you and help you to grow.

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