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AspDotNetStorefront Development Partner

As the world of electronic commerce (eCommerce) continues to grow more challenging and the need to provide secure websites increases, equaTEK has created a strategic partnership with VORTX, the makers of AspDotNetStorefront.  VORTX has been working hard over the years to produce a solid and secure web storefront which protects the payment and personal information of its clients’ customers.  

AspDotNetStorefront is known for its high level of security requirements, protecting storeowners and customers from hackers and security breaches. And following with this tradition, their recently released version 10 is not only compliant with the new PA DSS 3.1 security standard, it has been verified by the PCI council as being compliant.

AspDotNetStorefront is a robust and full-featured shopping cart application that equaTEK uses to build custom, mobile-friendly, eCommerce websites for companies with medium to large product lines and high volume sales on single or multiple storefronts. 

AspDotNetStorefront offers excellent administrative features and inventory controls for up to hundreds of thousands of product SKUs. Single or multiple storefronts can be easily managed from the central admin dashboard. Product data can be uploaded in bulk from Excel files, and data feeds can be set up for third-party comparison shopping engines and market places such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, TheFind and more. 

EquaTEK has been working with AspDotNetStorefront since 2009, developing web storefronts for its clients and tailoring its functionality to the needs of the eStore.  Whether you want customization to how the storefront works, integration of products, content updates, a mobile-friendly site, or digital marketing, equaTEK can help. 

Let equaTEK partner with you for your AspDotNetStorefront build or upgrade with expert advice, programming, and marketing.

AspDotNetStorefront Version 10 Features:

    • Safe Shopping –PCI PA DSS 3.1 Compliant and validated platform. AspDotNetStorefront will be listed by the PCI council as a certified payment application.
    • Mobile-Friendly – providing your customers with a user-friendly experience on any device.
    • HTTPS everywhere – every page (browsing and shopping) can default to the more secure HTTPS protocol.  Google uses HTTPS as a ranking signal which can lead to more traffic.
    • New Checkout – streamline the check-out process, shipping options and cost displayed earlier in the process, third party checkouts are more integrated, tax costs displayed earlier.
    • SEO/SEM/SMM Enhancements – Total URL freedom, no IDs, No more .aspx extension, extended micro-data, targeted remarketing tags, page by page SEO metadata.
    • Braintree Payment Provider – Added support for this direct payment provider.
    • Great Functionality carried over from previous versions  –Support multiple storefronts from same back-end (MultiStore/MoreStore), upsells, related & featured products, many payment solutions & shipping methods built-in, Promotions engine, coupons and gift cards, Customer-level pricing and personalization, and more.

Utilities for AspDotNetStorefront built by equaTEK Interactive

ShipWorks Connector for AspDotNetStorefront by equaTEK
ShipStation Connector for AspDotNetStorefront by equaTEK Interactive
Need a more streamline order processing and shipping management mechanism? Need and easier way to import Zipcode to Tax Rate tables? Need and easier way to import products, and images or do price adjustments? 

EquaTEK Interactive has created connectors for AspDotNetStorefront to two of the leading shipping management solutions ShipWorks and the ShipStation. EquaTEK has also created solutions to import sales tax to zip code tables with our Sales Tax Rate Importer, and a utility to import products and product images into AspDotNetStorefront in bulk.

Customization of AspDotNetStorefront

Need something specific?  We can help you extend AspDotNetStorefront to what you need.

Call us today at (585) 485-0780 or Contact Us now.

*equaTEK Interactive is an AspDotNetStorefront development and marketing partner

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