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Small Business Websites:

website wireframesOur small business websites give you full professional functionality and design at a price small businesses can afford. We provide you with a new mobile-responsive website that also saves you time and money. The pages are pre-designed templates that use your colors, logo, images, and written content. They can be built and go live in less time than a custom website and with less cost.

View our SAMPLE INTRO website created for an optical shop. 

How our process works:

1. Discover What Your Business Needs
We will meet with your website stakeholders to determine your business needs. We will discuss the content you want on your website, your website visitors and current customers, key elements of your website, images you have or need, and more. 

2. Sketch the Wire Frames
From there, we sketch a set of wire frames to define which website template pages will work best for your new website. The flexibility of our Interport Content Management System allows you to customize the page layout. We don't just stuff you into a mold and force your business into a website that doesn't meet your needs.  Our "templated" website solution allows you to personalize your website so it doesn't look like it just came out of the box.

INTRO:  Up to 8 Pages of Content and 10 Email Addresses starting at $3750

BASIC:  Up to 15 Pages of Content and 15 Email Addresses starting at $4950

3. Choose a Template and Personalize It
Once the wire frames are complete, we personalize the templates with your brand colors and logo. You provide us digital content and images, and within just a few weeks, you will be on your way to having a brand-new, mobile-friendly website for your business.

Can I Have Extra Pages or Functionality on My Small Business Website? 
With equaTEK's Interport Content Management System, you will have all the professional functionality of our larger sites that use our CRM. You can add additional pages and website server space at any time for an additional fee. 

Get started today with a brand new website!

*The prices shown include a pre-selected set of Interport CMS templates.  Custom website designs and additional pages are available for an additional fee.

Examples of Small Business Website Pages

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