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HTML versus Interport® Content Management Solution

Many companies originally set up their websites as a means to advertise and promote the products or services they provide. Many companies have expanded their web marketing objective to include providing customer support and selling their goods.  Although the business objectives vary widely, and the implementation varies greatly from one site to the next, the reality is that owning and managing a web presence of some kind is a fact of life for most businesses.  Many web sites have already been through one or more redesigns, or are considering a redesign.  Those organizations that don’t currently have a web presence most likely wish they did.  Whether considering a new site or a web site redesign, many companies are still implementing designs that lack the ability to be easily updated once going live.

A content management system can potentially significantly reduce website implementation and design costs while greatly facilitating the ability to manage content within the site.  By using a content management solution, you can significantly improve the way your business functions on-line. You control the changing content that keeps your viewers/customers coming back.

Is there a problem with a static HTML solution?

HTML was developed as the page formatting language of the Internet.  It originated from a complex markup language used in the printing industry. In order to make Web pages more dynamic looking, additional programs and features such as JavaScript, PHP, Cascading Style Sheets and many others were added to work with HTML pages.  These additional programs, while enhancing the viewer’s experience, significantly increased the complexity of the code.

The average business person has little time to develop expertise in any of these languages, therefore relies on the services of a highly skilled Web programmer.  Sites written “from scratch” using these tools are expensive and difficult to change without understanding the code behind the pages.  Or, the developer might use a tool such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage to generate the HTML code.  In any case the tools are limited in specific functionality (such as an e-commerce store front) and the operator still must be well versed in web programming to use these code generators effectively.

The result in either case is a static page that cannot be changed or updated easily by the site owner.

Content management web solutions cut the chain that shackles you to your web programmer.

Content management systems are designed to enable web site owners to change and maintain their own websites without knowledge of web programming languages.  Web content and page changes can be made from any computer that has a web browser and an Internet connection.  Content can be managed with a utility that is similar to Microsoft Word.  There is no need to hire, call, or pay for a web programmer to make changes to your site.

If you would like to learn more about which solution and technology is best for your needs, contact us today for more information.

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