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Smarter Mail Information


With the hosting of your website, equaTEK provides complementary email service. To help you get the most out of SmarterMail, we want to share some of the cool features of which you can take advantage.  They include:

  • Anti-Spam identification
  • Fast Web Interface
  • Contact, Calendar, Task, Notes sharing
  • Integrated Chat
  • Plus Addressing
  • Reporting
  • Rules Engine
  • And More…


equaTEK Interactive | Rochester NY | Smarter Mail Anti-SpamWith SmarterMail, we have noticed a reduction in SPAM.  The number of real spam eMails that got into the inbox was next to none and this was accomplished through SmarterMail’s enhanced detection engine.  It has built-in detection logic that has been integrated from SpamAsassin.  It uses a Grey Listing algorithm that helps weed out mail from spam sources, and SmarterMalil utilizes COMMTouch to check received email against the latest spam signatures.  When SmarterMail identifies a piece of eMail as spam, it moves the identified message into a ‘Junk E-mail’ folder so that you have the ability to verify that the message was not miss-identified as SPAM.


With eMails identified as junk mail getting syphoned off to a ‘Junk E-mail’ folder, mailboxes are at risk of filling up and leaving no more space for good eMail to be received. To prevent your account from filling up and blocking any new mail, it is important to purge junk out of your ‘Junk E-mail’ folder as well as the ‘Deleted Items’ folder (through the webmail interface).  There are a couple ways to manage this:

  1. Manually – To manually review and purge these messages, login to the webmail interface at webmail.<your-domain>.com.  Click on the ‘E-mail’ icon (envelope) in the left panel.  This will present your Inbox and folders that are in your account.  One of these folders will be titled ‘Junk E-mail’ (if you have received any messages identified as spam).  Click on this folder, review the messages and delete them as appropriate.  Keep in mind too, that when you delete messages, they get moved to a folder named ‘Deleted Items’.  You should empty this folder as well as these messages are taking up space in your account.

  2. Automatic Rules – To automatically have messages purged from the ‘Junk E-mail’ folder, you can turn on ‘Folder Auto-Clean’.  Login to webmail at webmail.<your-domain>.com.  Click on the ‘Settings’ icon (gear) in the left panel.  Expand the ‘Filtering’ option and select the ‘Folder Auto-Clean’ option.  To turn on auto-clean, change the radio button to ‘Override auto-clean settings for this account’.  Next, choose the Rules tab.  Then add a set of rules to purge email from the ‘Junk E-mail’ and the ‘Deleted Items’ folders.

If you have questions or need to contact us in regards to Smarter Mail features, contact us today!

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