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Beck Ag

Since 1977, Beck Ag has specialized in facilitating conversations with agricultural professionals. These conversations allow peers to connect with each other, as well as with top industry experts, to make sound decisions about products, services and solutions. Beck Ag educates and connects “ag” professionals in all segments of the industry. They do it through Experience-Sharing Marketing (ESM), a process that helps agricultural professionals learn about products, services and solutions from others’ experiences.

Beck Ag contacted equaTEK Interactive to redevelop Beck Ag’s virtual office platform. The custom software enables Beck Ag’s services and operations to run smoothly among multiple users such as sales professionals, industry experts, and agricultural participants. Over the years, equaTEK has developed, refined, and extended Beck Ag’s virtual office and continues to do so.

  1. Virtual Office - Employee Collaboration Portal equaTEK’s first project was to create and then enhance a multi-user web-based platform providing a consolidated environment for Beck Ag project managers, call recruiters, call moderators and data managers to perform their peer-to-peer conference call marketing service. This includes project setup, contact loading, conference call scheduling, conference call recruiting, call question definition, call question answer collection, as well as reminder service through emails and SMS.
    Technologies Web Portal: ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server, Telerik Web Controls.
  2. Web Dashboard with Project Metrics equaTEK created and continues to enhance a web dashboard for Beck Ag’s clients. The dashboard is a reporting site that presents project metrics based on the user logged-in and is formatted for both web and mobile devices using responsive techniques. The presentation of dashboard modules is configurable for each project and user role.
    Technologies Web Portal: ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Dashboard, Microsoft SQL Server, Telerik Web Controls.
  3. SMS Messaging to Sales Representatives equaTEK developed automated software, integrated into the Beck Ag Virtual Office Platform.  Answers to participant questions may be configured to trigger an SMS text message or an email to be sent to sales professionals requesting they contact the participant.
    Technologies Web Portal: ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Dashboard, Microsoft SQL Server, Telerik Web Controls, 3rd Party SMS API Integration.
  4. Platform Integration with Social Community equaTEK connected Beck Ag’s virtual office platform to an online social community for the agricultural industry to further engage with their clients and customers.
    Technologies Web Portal: ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server, SMS generator.

TESTIMONIAL from Stephanie Liska, president & CEO at Beck Ag
"We are truly a virtual company operating with team members physically based in individual locations throughout the country. Finding a technical solutions partner that has the knowledge to create a unique cloud-based application while simultaneously learning our priorities, objectives and goals (as well as our personality) was both a requirement and a challenge.

Being introduced to equaTEK through a mutual contact, we began to explore the potential of working together in Q4 2008. By February 2009, we were convinced that equaTEK had the technical expertise and the mindset of engaging us as a partner, not just a client. Today, equaTEK continues to work with us in the development and expansion of our custom project platform upon which our entire business operates. Not only is equaTEK our partner, committed to our success, but they are our ally, trusted with knowing everything about us they need to be able to give us their best.

We are constantly exploring our future and striving to embrace new opportunities that require flexibility in how we operate. With equaTEK as our partner, our application is able to keep pace with our expectations and allows us to excel. We take relationships seriously and know that equaTEK is a trusted partner committed to our success."

Stephanie Liska

equaTEK Interactive, Inc.

201 Main Street
East Rochester, New York 14445
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Front Office: (585) 485-0780

Sales: (585) 485-0780 ext 402

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