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Rochester, NY internet technology firm develops a connector that reduces eCommerce shipping costs for AspDotNetStorefront users.

Victor, NY – (WEB) August, 2014

AspDotNetStorefront eCommerce PlatformequaTEK Interactive announced today a new shipping connector that bridges the gap between AspDotNetStorefront and ShipWorks.  ShipWorks is shipping management software that enables orders received through an AspDotNetStorefront eCommerce website to be downloaded and processed through ShipWorks.

ShipWorks eCommerce Shipping SoftwareThe primary benefits of this new eCommerce shipping connector for AspDotNetStorefront and ShipWorks include -- the ability to download new and updated unshipped orders from the storefront into ShipWorks with full customer and order details, the ability to upload the shipping and tracking information back to the storefront, mark the order as shipped, and then capture payment to be executed on the order.

This new shipping connector reduces the staffing time it takes to process orders. Without the communication between AspDotNetStorefront and ShipWorks, the order processing and shipping can often times require multiple employees with multiple manual steps to complete the process.  The new connector automates many of the steps to reduce the number of man hours needed to process orders.

equaTEK client was the first to roll out this new connector and with orders now shipping faster, they have seen the benefits not only in reduced time and resources, but their Amazon merchant rating has gone up.


About equaTEK

equaTEK designs, builds, and markets world-class websites, ecommerce store fronts, and custom software applications. Their work includes software-as-service (SAS) solutions and custom applications for government entities, educational institutions, health care organizations, and companies in the agriculture and rail transportation industries. equaTEK has designed and developed websites for hundreds of small to mid-size businesses across the U.S.

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